Important Information for in-car SAT-NAV users.

 There are several roads called 'Strand Road' in the Dublin area, but for some reason, Strand Road, Portmarnock (where Great Keppel B&B is located) doesn’t appear on some of the mapping systems for Ireland, or it may appear as 'Coast Road'.

 We have had a number of guests who found themselves on the other side of the city by relying on faulty maps.

The safest way to get here is to follow the instructions on the previous page, but if you use your GPS, enter 'The Dunes, Portmarnock ' as your destination.

Great Keppel B&B is about 250m past the entrance to The Dunes estate. You will recognize The Dunes by the large sign 'Portmarnock GP Clinic' on the wall of the first house.

Look out for our black and white 'Great Keppel' B&B sign, which is usually illuminated at night.

If you zoom in on the Google map on the previous page, you'll find us halfway between 'The Dunes' and 'Blackberry Lane' in Portmarnock, on the same side of the road as the golf course which adjoins our back garden.


A system of GPS postcodes called Loc8 Code has been developed in Ireland that allows you to enter the code into your SAT-NAV and find your destination. At present, it is only available for users of GARMIN Nuvi devices, but it is under test with a number of other manufacturers. If you want to use this facility, send an e-mail to for more information.

The Loc8 Code for Great Keppel B&B is NL9-93-M93

The GPS Co-ordinates for Great Keppel are N 53 deg 25.5 and W 6 deg 07.9